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Hey what’s going on there folks we are live hopefully I’m sounding pretty good right now uh we are going live with some continued work with profiles we’ve been working with profiles lately right now I’m just working out my uh my course content for my Members Only uh portion of my channel if you’re not a member already feel free to join you can get the the latest courses or you can get the all access pass there’s different membership tiers with this but with this live stream I’m just working out my con my my content it’s going to be very rough and dirty uh if you want access to the exercise files you can find them within a lot of the the course related content so but for right now this is just really rough we’re just going through profiles and just kind of working out uh design criteria um in the previous videos we’ve been going over profile design criteria and how to make that work for you um I’m more or less stopped at

my layout profiles right now we’re exceeding the design criteria right now I think we have this set to about a 500 foot radius and you can see that we have our violations here for our criteria if you want to turn these on or off hey what’s up there Sam how you doing man thanks for dropping by for the chat he’s always a very supportive member of this channel um I appreciate any any sort of questions you guys might have uh in the future with regards to civil 3D I’ll answer them as best I can I don’t know all the answers I’m not the infinite Guru when it comes to civil 3D but I’ll do the best I can to uh to support you so thank you for your support there there’s Sam volumes a little bit low okay let’s try to fix that

edit we’ll edit the filter this should do it

okay does that sound a little bit better there Sam

yeah we’re just working through these these profiles um here we go hopefully we can go for at least a half hour on on this stuff maybe a little bit more it depends on how the content uh flows so um as I said yes volume is much better excellent thank you thank you Sam um when it comes to the options you see a lot of people when they’re dealing with design criteria Sam says can you create a 300 square foot cage [Laughter] I think that might go go off from uh from civil engineering man uh did you mean cage

a design for a server cabinet room with a three oh three server cabinets I’m sure I can I mean that that go that gets into kind of like the basics of AutoCAD you know you could do you know essentially like a uh some some CAD work as it pertains to this but

designed for a server cabinet room for three server cabinets yeah I mean that’s you can kind of get into that with uh with architectural or or maybe even um uh that’s something that’s a little bit out of my expertise as of as of right now but uh but yeah Sam says okay thank you you’re doing a great job didn’t mean to stop your flow eight no problem man I I appreciate you you coming by man I I need to be able to kind of go in between the chat and and with the uh with some of the stuff I’m showing folks so I have to be able to find that that sort of flow and I appreciate you uh you helping me out with that all right let’s do it okay like I was saying before a lot of people get annoyed with with these notifications right here with these notifications for you know whenever the design is whenever the design criteria is in violation this shows up some people like this stuff some people don’t like this stuff if I go into my options I can turn this off by going into my aec editor turning off drafting within the solution tips then clicking ok then that stuff goes away so you know if if you’re using civil 3D and it becomes an annoyance you know you’re getting tired of viewing it that’s one way to turn it off if I turn it back on going to drafting again click ok if I zoom out quite a bit then do a regen all then that make that makes those notifications even bigger if I zoom in further into my geometry and do a regen all it shrinks it down so it’s just one extra aspect of being able to kind of use that to your advantage whether you like showing that symbol or not you know it’s it’s totally up to you but like I said before we’re in violation of this this radius for our tangency for our profile and again this is our layout profile right here if we want to begin to edit this just click on the the geometry right click then select edit profile geometry we get our profile layout tools toolbar and what I’ll do next is I can actually Escape out of the geometry and I can still I’m still in my profile layout tools toolbar if I want to select a portion of my geometry my PT for right here you can see that I get my profile layout parameters dialog box and it gives me all of my violations right here all the stuff that I’m in violation with and remember we created a check set that has a length greater than or equal to 30. so right now if we look at the K value that’s been established we can see that this K value is greater than or equal to 84 or greater than or equal to 229 but my check set the length the the curve length is greater than or equal to 30. and my profile curve length right now is at 18 so that’s why I’m in violation right there so I know that I’m in violation on B and I’m in violation on C so if I want to correct this stuff I can go into my profile layout tools toolbar click on this little delete entry portion

and then select my curve and that brings it back to the pvi I’ll do that for c as well then press enter to accept the command next what I’m going to do is I’m going to create a curve that’s actually that that is clear of all violations it’s it’s actually to our design criteria I’m going to pull up my notes Here

Okay so we need to add a free curve that meets the design standards okay the profile view we’re going to be looking at

let me see here

okay let’s pull up B we’ll click this drop down menu we’re going to add a free vertical curve parabola we’ll select the first entity then the next entity

then we’ll accept the radius as it is right now it’s it’s set to what about 8 400 we’ll accept whatever it gives us and press enter and it’s still giving us this

okay what’s the problem

select this okay

values 84. check set well we’re over our check set

curve length we’re over we’re over on our profile curve length

well to tell you to tell you the truth this is all that I care about right now because we’re over our check set so we’re good on that I’m gonna I’m just gonna leave that alone I’m going to go into let me see here

and make sure we’re good with chat here okay a lot of Windows on my machine right now a lot of stuff going on a lot to get used to okay we’ll move this over like so

no don’t want to do that


okay what I’m gonna do here I’m gonna undo what I just did with B

like I said folks a lot of this stuff is a lot more polished on the members only content

you get to see the polished courses on the members only side okay we will delete this for d

and we’ll add that free form free vertical curve here and here

what we have here radius

type in r will accept whatever it is okay at least we don’t have a design violation that’s good

we’re on the right vicinity okay let’s let’s take a look at this

if I select

all right where’s my stuff

come on

there we go see how I did that

layout parameters

yeah it’s not coming up there we go

okay for whatever reason got to click this button

then select the PBI there we go okay

let me check the chat here make sure I’m not ignoring anybody there we go okay

all righty

so as it stands we’ve got a k value of 96 here

curve length the profile curve length is 446 we need to be a minimum of greater than or equal to 60 so we’re good there I’m just trying to figure out what about with the B and C we have to make this stuff work

okay for B let’s try this again parabola boom boom

and it should be an automatic

yeah it’s giving me a radius of 8400 which is what I had before

we’re still in violation


yeah we’ve got we’ve got a curve length that’s very high

I’m sure people that are very experienced with the stuff for even higher experience with this stuff or probably screaming at me right now it’s right here

oh but one of the things is is that one of the reasons why I dive into a lot of these tutorials is that you dig into things that you know you’re you you can you can be around it but if you’re not using it all the time you forget it after a while so that’s just one of the things about the program is that you know you can be very very efficient in one area of civil 3D and then later on it’s just sort of like okay I did this about five years ago but now it’s like okay I’m trying to bring this stuff back into my memory again


I’m looking to try and bring this into compliance what about b or I’m sorry what about C let’s try it right here

okay it whenever whenever the command line is asking for radius it’s automatically generating the radius for me so it’s at 9600.

no solution available because I’m running into B right here

let’s try C

let’s do it this way

we’ve got 96 showing up for the or 9600 showing up for the radius for this and we do get a solution for that and guess what we’re not in violation all right we’re getting somewhere now B is a different situation because I don’t think that you know you don’t want to create a ramp for people to just if they’re going at a particular speed you don’t want people to just fly off a cliff you know when uh when they’re in your when they’re driving through your subdivision right

okay what if we made this


just trying to make this compliant

here here

now let’s give them a 8 400 which is what I had previously yeah no solution available which I think means that it’s probably too wide that it’s running into [Music] the tangent for C so that’s where we’re at with this but essentially that’s how you go about bringing some of these profiles into compliance like I said there’s going to be a lot of things that usually whenever you’re dealing with civil 3D whenever you’re working on the Fly I’m sure a lot of you have have noticed this with the program that you can run into glitches sometimes when it comes to the program you can run into issues to where it’s like you’re trying to figure out why is this not working for me and sometimes it’s just a matter of just closing out of the program coming back into civil 3D and then all of a sudden things work so there’s a lot of little teeny tiny glitches that over time you can kind of get accustomed to and you can kind of get a sense of okay the program you know it’s not working for me when it should be working for me so I’m sure a lot of you a lot of designers out there probably run into that same issue so what I’m going to do is I’m going to get into the next exercise let’s see what we got here

there we go



this is another thing that can happen whenever you’re opening a drawing sometimes your surface gets disconnected

the existing ground I don’t know if you remember how to do this but surface properties go into the definition right now this is pointing to the Autodesk installation

of civil 3D so right now I have my exercise files we need

EG surface metric it’s an XML file we’ll open that one up click apply rebuild the surface then click ok then that goes away

that’s why when you open up my exercise files that should the XML file should actually be within the file folder itself within the exercises so if that ever happens to you that’s how you go about reconnecting all that stuff so it’s just a little a little minor glitch that can happen to you if you’re dealing with the Autodesk installation of your tutorials because you know depending on which machine you’re opening this on that can get disconnected or or that file path can get disconnected uh okay here we go

okay we need circles B and C

I’m gonna regen all then

over the cursor for C

that that’s nice

you see that little tool tip that pops up right here when I hover over the violation it says minimum k for headlight sight distance violated and the current K value is five minimum K value is 13. design checks violated again it’s uh the length the length of the Curve needs to be greater than or equal to 60.

and what is it right now let’s click on this right click go into edit profile geometry then select this point right here what is the curve length oh it’s eight so we’re in violation right there

okay again we have our violations for our design criteria listed here

and all of this stuff is coming from an XML file from the ashtoe 2001 standard see there’s it’s kind of like a table that comes with civil 3D that gets loaded with our design checks

design criteria here we go right here under design criteria for our profile it shows up

if you click on these three dots then it gives you some options within your Corridor design standards there’s Imperial right here there’s all these different selections

and that corresponds with your design criteria so all of your K values and all that stuff site distances all that stuff is loaded Within These XML files we’ll cancel out of this

let’s check and see what my profile curve length is okay here we go

length is greater than or equal to 30 length is greater than or equal to 60. for the crest which is basically the hill and then the SAG is basically the bottom of the hill cancel that cancel that

and for those of you that are just joining thank you for joining me in the live stream right now I’m just going through the profile uh coursework just real quick and dirty just trying to get a sense of the best way to show this within the members only content if you become a subscriber and you subscribe to the members only content a lot of this stuff kind of gets worked out but there are a lot of people that kind of like to see the behind the scenes of some of the maybe issues that I do run into when I’m dealing with civil 3D maybe things aren’t working for me or maybe some of the the items that I’m choosing aren’t aren’t the proper choices and you get to see all of my mistakes so that’s what this live feed is for is just kind of like the dirty version of the coursework if you don’t want to deal with a lot of the uh the issues that I’m running into right now I’ve got all the edited content within the members only stuff so thanks again for joining me and we’ll continue


we’re going to select

here we go okay profile layout tools toolbar we’re going to select entity based

okay we need to look take a look at row two here

there we go see how I did that if you click on

layout parameters dialog box we get nothing on that

but you actually you have to actually highlight one of the cells here one of the uh the rows

let’s take a look at number four that shows up

okay let’s let’s try to correct some of these criteria violations

we’ll select two

we’ll change this length value to 65.

that didn’t do it for me hmm

okay for the geometry if I type in 30

I get an issue with my design criteria here

if I go with 10

I’ll have an issue with this if I go with 31 oops if I type in 31 then this clears but I still have an issue with my k value

okay there’s ways of being able to work around this for the speeds

right now we have a design speed of 50 kilometers per hour well you know this is a America this is a we’re working with different units right now within this particular drawing but we’ll go with it 50 kilometers per hour

so that’s what’s coming into effect for this

what if we change this

what if we did this if we go into our alignment

right click

alignment properties design criteria see right here we’ve got a design speed of 50 kilometers per hour can we change this here if we change this to [Music] let’s go with 10.

the center and this is still using that design criteria file that we were using before for the corridor we’ll cancel out of this

and it’s using a design check set for the 50 kilometer roadway length checks what does that look like

that’s greater than or equal to 60. Okay click ok

what if I applied this

go into here oops

click on edit profile geometry

oops 2 is my issue

click on two yep it changed the design speed to 10.

that’s how I did that

okay we’re at 31 so the K value is what’s giving me an issue right now

okay designate the station range along curve as a no passing zone

well what we did was essentially we cleared our check set for our profile curve length but we’re still having issues with the K value that’s one of the things if anybody out there knows how to solve this feel free to drop a comment I know there’s a lot of people that know about a lot of things within civil 3D and I don’t know everything about it obviously so if you can help a brother out that would be great plus I think that you could probably help others by uh by giving of your own knowledge so if you have any insights as to uh as to how to clear these design checks that would be great uh uh what else

and I’m gonna call it for today

until next time feel free to uh to drop a comment in the the live video feed there’s a lot of things that uh that people would like to know within civil 3D perhaps I might be able to help you out with it I’d like to be able to uh to kind of show folks how to do certain things that they might not know how to do and plus it’s kind of nice to to continue to stay sharp with certain items you can tell with this live feed I’m trying to get sharp with certain items that that I’m looking to figure out within this program and again there’s there’s things that uh that I need to be refreshed with and need to get a little bit more custom accustomed to and that’s what this live feed is all about until next time folks take care keep practicing just like I’m doing right now and until next time take care God bless