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Hey what’s up there ladies and gentlemen we are back with another live stream in this stream we’re going to be going over parcels we’re going to be diving into Parcels this is the next course that uh that I’m going to be working out here a lot of this is going to be really dirty really ugly really uh um just more or less just trying to figure out ways of being able to show this uh civil 3D content in a clear and concise way with the with the live feed it’s going to be dirty you’re going to be you’re going to be seeing a lot of the the issues that I might run into when going through some of the the functions or like the coursework uh for the uh members that are subscribed to this channel if you would like to skip all of this stuff all of and you you would like to go and get the shortcut options for a lot of the different options and functions within civil 3D I highly recommend you become a member within this Channel and uh with a lot of my a lot of my coursework videos I go into a lot of this stuff and kind of cut through a lot of the dirty stuff that I’m working out right now so but if you’d like to just see what I’m what I deal with feel free to to join me and feel free to you know leave a comment within the chat or down below within the comments section if you have any issues with with civil 3D I’ll do my best to try and figure it out for you but uh but yeah I mean this is just a a place to where we can we can kind of come together and try to figure things out because none of us know it all so uh right now I’m in the uh I’m in a Parcels drawing parcel 1A uh within some of the uh the coursework if you’re interested in finding out where the exercise files are a lot of these exercise files are in they come with a uh with a stock installation of civil 3D so if you’re to do a little bit of a search within your your help your help files that come pre-installed on your uh installation of civil 3D this is where a lot of the exercise Files come from um with a lot of the coursework that that I deal with for the members I create more or less kind of like a step-by-step uh exercise file guide to where you can go in to a lot of the the different files as we’re going through a lot of the videos and you can you you get the step-by-step version uh within the coursework so right here I’m in the parcel-1a drawing which is located in the exercise files that come pre-installed on your copy of civil 3D and I’m just going to pull up some notes and first off we’re going to be creating Parcels from excuse me AutoCAD objects we’re going to convert AutoCAD entities to land Parcels if you’ve ever dealt with Parcels that is a civil 3D object uh what’s what’s great about Parcels is once you generate them it’ll automatic it can automatically generate um you know land data such as you know square footage or acreages you know just on the Fly you know you don’t have to compute all this stuff yourself the Civil 3D program will do all that stuff for you which you’ll see very soon

okay first off we’ll go into the Home tab then into the create design panel then go into parcel

we’ll go into create parcel from objects

okay right now the command line is saying uh is asking us to select lines arcs or polylines to convert into Parcels which is very nice

let’s see here let me minimize this

we’ll open this up here

okay here’s what we’ll do we’ll select these blue polylines well wait a second here we go let’s try this again parcel create parcel from objects there we go let’s select this this this and this

okay after that press enter then we get our create Parcels dialog box where this gives us some options

okay we’re in site one parcel style we’re going to change this you can assign it different styles we’re going to stick with single family

area labels we’re going to select parcel number and area

we’re going to automatically add the segment labels so make sure that’s checked

and we’re going to erase existing entities

then we’re going to click OK see what happens oh look at that

all this stuff is automatically labeled it’s very very nice and you can click and drag this with these grips how you see fit

you can even click on this and oops you can click on the Square and click and drag that out and this stays attached to the line

if I don’t like that I can wait

I’m going to click this to reset see what I did there click on this we have this little circle icon when I hover over that it says click to reset the label location I’ll click that and that brings it right back to where it was originally I don’t know if you can see the uh the parcel or the lot numbers they’re in blue usually whenever stuff’s in blue within the the coursework I know that it can be kind of difficult to see what if I click on this right click

edit area selection style we’ll go into the style click on this edit button General

Okay C prop text area you see that right there okay So within the general tab within the label we have our layer listed right here it says it’s a c prop text area if I click these three dots this button you’ll see that this is currently on

a blue layer what if I were to change this can I change this

well it doesn’t look like I can change it within the okay let’s let’s look up this layer C prop Dash text area I’m going to cancel out of this cancel out of that cancel

bring up my layers

and I’m gonna open this up a little bit

I’ve got all my colors if I want to see all of my blue colors if I click the color and I just scroll down what I did was I I clicked the color um header for the column

go down until I get to what was it

C prop text area I think that’s what it was I select this and select let’s go with green there we go now we can see everything


now we’re going to change the parcel numbering right right now everything here goes from it’s kind of strange one then two then four then three then five it’s all over the place right all over the map let’s change it

we’re going to select okay pick a partial number to select it

we’re going to go from we’re going to rename this from parcel 2 to 101 okay

okay we’ll click this first parcel

we’ll renumber and rename select that starting number we get our renumber and rename Parcels dialog box the starting number is going to be 101 increment value is going to be 1.

then click ok now our command line is saying specify start point or polyline what I’m going to do is I’m going to draw a line that goes through all of these Lots or parcels so I’m going to start here at 2 see how I can click and go all the way to the end like so I’m I’m not I’m not even going to going to click on the label I’m going to click somewhere inside of my last parcel right here pick the end point press enter to accept that

press enter one more time and there we go

101 102 103 104 105. it’s nice okay 105. if I select this

within the name it says single family which is our style 105.

what if I were to change the style of this to from single family to

try open space we’re converting this to open space see what happened here for the name it’s switched to open space but we’re still on 105 so that’s kind of the power of being able to use a style to be able to swap things out and to also rename your parcel


okay here we go now you you might be wondering how is it that the name automatically changed within this portion right here if I switch it back to single family the name switches back so how is it doing that if I change if I go to my style go then go into create edit then edit my style

you’ll see that within the design tab we have a parcel name template and within the parcel name template you can see that it’s using the parcel style name in the beginning and then it’s using the the parcel number at the end so it’s it’s kind of like a uh if I click this button and if I I’m going to cut this stuff out

cut I’m going to add it back in later on but I’m just going to cut it just for Simplicity click ok then apply then okay okay one more time and you see how that changed within the name so if I want to add that back create edit click this edit button I’m going to right click

I guess I can’t select paste if I go into this button for the name template and put in the parcel style name make sure that the cursor is before parcel number then put insert and I’m going to put I’m going to put a space then a colon then a space click OK apply okay okay one more time now remember the name was at 105 when I click OK that’s going to change

to single family so that’s what’s involved there when you’re dealing with styles styles can help you to uh rename your parcel within the name template so that’s what’s controlling that okay next

let’s move on to something else subdividing a parcel with a free form segment let’s get into that and again if you’re not already a a member within uh within this channel a lot of a lot of what I’m dealing with right now is just just what I what I go through when it comes to just trying to condense my videos for my members only content you’re seeing a lot of the the issues that I might run into with civil 3D because not whenever you’re dealing with civil 3D not everything’s perfect so um for the live feeds we’re just getting into just the the the dirty functions of of civil 3D if you would like to have a shortcut through all of that stuff if you don’t want to mess around with with some of the the um the wonky issues that civil 3D might provide um I recommend the the members only content so moving on let’s continue

let’s go into

a different

file here bear with me parcel 1B let’s open this up

and again a lot of the exercise files that I’m dealing with just come from the uh the installed the pre-installed exercise files that come with your copy of civil 3D if you’re ever wondering where I’m pulling this stuff from

all right parcel one excuse me parcel Dash 1B that’s the drawing that we’re in right now

okay parcel parcel creation tools we get our little layout tools tab that pops up here

all right we need to click on excuse me

hey Sam thanks brother I appreciate the compliment yeah I can actually see who’s in my chat well I’m working on this stuff I appreciate your help man am I still sounding okay

parcel layout tools

preform create freeform create there we go sounds good all right

yeah now I’m working on something that I might know a little a little something about I know in the last one with the design criteria some of the stuff it can kind of stump me you know civil 3D can stump me but uh but it’s one of those things to where it’s just you kind of know where where uh the hiccups might be and you try to cut that down when you’re creating like some condensed content because people don’t necessarily want to see all of the things that you might have run into when it comes to coming up with the course content but I appreciate you you sticking around there Sam

the drawing we’re going to accept the defaults right here as Sam says this is a high level skill probably only 10 to 50 percent of society can do it yeah it’s it’s it’s definitely something that it takes takes a little while to learn and you know what the vast majority of the people that are dealing with this software they’re still learning new stuff you know

click ok

then I’m going to go from


to this endpoint here and press enter to accept that yes civil engineering you know there there are folks that um there are even civil engineers that are out there that they have trouble learning how to use civil 3D it’s just one of those programs to where you know if if you’re not dealing with it regularly it can be one of those things to where it can be it can be a real frustration Sam says I’ll be popping in and out just want to show your reciprocal support thank you thank you sir I appreciate it all right

okay we’ll exit out of this and so we’ve got our first parcel we have this stuff that just automatically pops up we have this little label that pops up that shows us the square footage and the acreages and again if you want to change the style if this isn’t a single family lot you can change this within the style you can change this to open space and it automatically names it open space so that’s one of the that’s one of the beauties of using Parcels is uh is using those styles to your advantage we have our road that’s already listed in here single family and that’s the single family is encompasses this area right here


what I’m going to do is I’m going to

click this the open space and select delete oops

let’s go into sites that’s where

our Parcels are located select this select

right click

there’s some layout tools

what if I want to delete this

oh I know why

it’s because it’s not within the site

so division a okay here’s my site parcels

I remember how to delete a parcel

hmm what about just

delete that delete that no don’t want to do that

just the geometry

that’s okay but that isn’t very ideal

do that

personal creation tools ah there we go


okay we’ll change this back to single family okay let’s try this again

select this parcel layout tools


okay see how we get our

line here into here press enter exit okay bring this back to open space

if I want to delete this and bring this back to the way it was originally excuse me

I want to go into my parcel parcel creation tools then this red X delete sub entity I’m going to delete this line

exit select this bring it back to single family there we go

there we go

okay let’s try this parcel parcel creation tools

free form okay



I can go perpendicular like so well maybe not

come on civil 3d come on


okay free form okay

trying to get it to where it’s straight up and down or actually perpendicular to this lot line but I want to use the end point of one of these curves

that’s what I’m trying to do

creation tools free form create you know what a lot of people one of the questions that I get asked the most in engineering offices is dude do you know how to use like Parcels I mean they’re they’re asking not not because uh they they see maybe my lack of knowledge with it but they ask they’re just curious you know because they don’t ever use it you know and uh with civil 3D some of this stuff is just you know if if it’s difficult for people to learn they’re just not going to use it right so Parcels is still can sometimes be a little bit of a touchy subject for uh for most folks so if you don’t really know it quite yet don’t feel alone because a lot of people are they they struggle with it so

just to let you know

see I mean there’s a way of being able to do it this way but I’m trying to go through

this I can move this over

to here ah there we go okay let’s try this again I’m going to undo this

I’m going to go into parcel parcel creation tools once again go into the freeform create we’ll accept the defaults and I’m just gonna go straight up and down like this

lot line Direction I’m going to go perpendicular like that exit I’m going to click this I’m gonna go I’m going to go and click and see I I can only go back and forth back and forth like this but I’m still perpendicular to this rear lot line or side Lot line depending on who you’re talking to I want to be able to snap at the end point of this Arc if I type in E and D

end point of this Arc right here there we go now it’s doing what I want it to do

next we’ll do the same thing four we’re going to create a lot line right here parcel

parcel creation tools freeform create okay

I’m gonna go perpendicular see where my cursor is at it’s close to that rear lot line that I want to be perpendicular to I don’t want it to be over here if I’m over here then I’m perpendicular to

the cul-de-sac but if I’m over here

I click this

I go to the center of this but it goes to the radial I don’t want it to go to the radial

no do

okay let’s try this again

personal creation tools this to cancel I hit the wrong button parcel parcel creation tools here we go

just in case you didn’t you didn’t catch that see these little uh two downward facing arrows or the Chevrons or whatever gives you some extra options if you’re not aware of that

freeform create okay

there we go okay here’s what I did

I go into Parcels parcel creation tools

click on freeform create click ok then

we’re going to go I’m going to go way out here

click the attachment point then I’m going to just press enter to accept that right now in the command line it says specify lot line Direction enter for perpendicular I’m just going to press enter for perpendicular

and press enter to escape the command now you see that we’re perpendicular to this rear lot line if I click anywhere it stays perpendicular to that lot line so if I want to make this a radial within the cul-de-sac I just type in Cen for the center point and there you go

see that I had to work through a lot of different things in order to get things to work out properly for me but that’s just the that’s the deal with the with the live feeds it’s going to be dirty but if you’d like to be able to find the shortcut like I just found then feel free to become a member and with the coursework we’ll we’ll focus right in on what you would like to learn

we’ll focus right in on a lot of the shortcuts clear away all the all the trial and error that that I had to go through in order to figure that out okay so that’s how you do that let’s go into another subdividing a parcel with a slide line okay let’s open up parcel 1C we’ll close out of this we’re just going to do one more folks one more

exercise files civil tutorials um drawings

parcel 1C

there we go read only a lot of the the auto kid the AutoCAD stuff or the Civil 3D tutorial files they’ll be in read only which is kind of nice just because you don’t want to be replacing the uh the Civil tutorials so what you could do is you could just do a save as and just put this on it on your desktop a lot of times whenever I’m slow at work I’ll just go through a lot of these tutorials and just sort of work work out a lot of the coursework that way um because it’s it’s always good to kind of sharpen your skills uh uh let’s minimize that 1C will close out of 1B no

Home tab let’s go to the Home tab create design panel go into parcel

parcel creation tools once again


we’ll click these Chevrons are these arrows whatever you want to call them

and we’re going to specify some parcel sizing we’ll come in here minimum area 7000. press enter for that type in 40.

minimum Frontage yes front inch offset we’re going to go with 20. and as I’m editing all this stuff you can see this little uh visual representation of what I’m going to be doing so the frontage Offset you can see that it’s going to be 20 feet from that front lot line minimum width type in 40.

minimum depth 50. use maximum depth yes

maximum depth is going to be 200. that’s the maximum depth for our Lots I need a break I need to I’ve been standing this whole time here we go that’s better how do I look


let’s get through this

I’m on area

oh maximum depth 200 multiple solution preference

we’re going to use the smallest area

automatic mode off Place remainder in the last parcel okay when automatic mode is set to off the remainder just the remainder distribution setting does not affect partial layout this setting will be used in later exercises all right okay create individual Parcels using a slide line


okay we’re still in our we’re still in the same site we’re still using the same parcel Style uh

okay we’re gonna leave everything oops

area label Style

okay we should be good here okay now

we’re going to click the label for single family 101. okay next it’s asking us to select start point on the Frontage

so it’s essentially

I’m going to go from here and you can see as I drag my cursor I get that yellow line I’m going to go from here all the way over to the end point of this so you can see that this is going to be my Frontage

now it’s saying to specify an angle

Frontage angle we’re going to type in 90 degrees press enter

and notion of course no solution found

angle 90.

why is it not doing that for me


okay for whatever reason that’s not working for me

let’s find out why let’s try this again

Slide line create here

ah there we go I don’t know for whatever reason that’s that’s another thing with civil 3D for whatever reason it wasn’t giving me the this option that I was looking for

okay let’s try this again I’m gonna Escape out of this exit parcel I want to show you the way that didn’t work for me again

Slide line create click ok I select single family 101 and I oops select the parcel

and I selected this as the beginning of my Frontage I went all along here to the end and I specified angle excuse me 90 doesn’t work for me however excuse me if I select this again

and I just pick a random area from here to here specify angle type in 90. there it is now it’s working

okay we’re gonna press enter to accept the result

we can accept the result once again oops

okay so what’s

what is the frontage

I’ll go from here

40 feet what is going on here

well 40 is the minimum Frontage so it’s taking the minimum into account

so there is no maximum Frontage minimum Frontage is 40.

let’s try this again

delete this delete this so it is meeting the requirements the minimum Frontage is 40 and everything here is pretty much over 50. Let’s uh let’s delete some of this stuff out I’m going to just press undo to get rid of what I just did

parcel parcel creation tools

everything is looking good here Slide line

select this once again Frontage here to here specify angle 90. accept the result yes

for the minimum area on the Fly if I change this to eight thousand because before it was originally at seven thousand you see how it just kind of bumped it up a little bit accept the result

well but it worked

so you see how that came about originally oops originally we had set the minimum area to be 7 000 square feet then on the Fly I was able to put in a minimum area of 8 000 square feet for the next parcel so that’s kind of nice

being able to do that on the Fly

and that’s essentially it for this part

okay lastly we’re going to try and create multiple Parcels simultaneously oh this is where we get into the the big boy this is the the deep end of the pool folks okay create multiple Parcels simultaneously

we’re going to go into parcel parcel creation tools

Slide line create

click ok

automatic mode we’re going to turn this to on

Place remainder in the last parcel that’s the remainder distribution whatever’s left

we’re going to click

this label now it’s asking us for the frontage we’re going to go or we’ll go from here to here

specify Frontage angle I’m going to go with 90 degrees once again

and that is not

if I hit no I don’t like that result let’s try this again Slide line parcel select this and have it go all the way

to here 90. there we go

I don’t know sometimes civil 3D can be funny

maybe it was too small of an air too small of a Frontage that I was selecting up up in this region that’s essentially it except the result yes

and the parcels are created so that’s it ladies and gentlemen my eyeballs are pretty well fried I’m pretty well shot as far as civil 3D goes but this is the upcoming content for the members only portion the the coursework that that’s going to be a little bit more concise than than the live feeds but if you’re interested in kind of learning how I’m weeding through and trying to figure out some of these items how I’m trying to figure things out with some of this stuff live feeds are probably a good option for you so I’m going to leave this free for uh the rest for all of you folks and hopefully you have a great weekend hopefully you’re you’re practicing your skills just like I’m doing right now and until next time take care folks God bless