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In this exercise we’re going to be discussing working with parcels and alignments currently I’m in the 06 parcel-1e drawing which is located in your tutorials folder which you can find a link to in the description down below now as I look within this drawing I’ve got within my prospector if I expand my sites expand site one and then alignments and then Center Line alignments I’ve got all of these alignments listed within this particular site however if I go to the top level the top level alignments and I expand this I don’t have any Center Line alignments in fact I don’t have any alignments within this section at all so if I minimize kind of clean this stuff up a little bit when you’re dealing with parcels and alignments if an alignment is within a parcel site then that alignment will affect the parcels within that particular site however if your alignment is within the top level of your prospector then that will not be affecting any of your Parcels within a particular site for example if we go into our site and we look to adjust one of our alignments here just for simplicity’s sake I’m going to adjust this alignment to go into these two parcels and you can see how the parcels are affected within this particular site I’m going to undo this I’m going to undo a few times and then I’m going to adjust another alignment let’s say this one if I move this alignment over to here you can see how the alignment affects this particular site I’m going to undo this once again

and the reason why the parcels are affected is because the alignment is within site one which contains all of our Parcels however if I wanted to create an alignment that doesn’t affect any of my parcels I can go up into my Home tab then to alignment select that drop down create alignment from objects I’m just going to select this road Center Line I’m going to press enter to accept that I’m going to press enter to accept the direction and then I’m just going to name this red alignment I’m going to leave everything else at its defaults with the exception of this I’m going to uncheck add curves between tangents I don’t want that lastly I want to make sure that my site is set to none as opposed to site 1. if the alignment is set to site 1 it’ll be placed within site 1 and it will affect our parcels and I don’t want to do that I want to make sure that the site is set to none click ok we now have our alignment and it’s not placed within our site one site but it’s placed within our top level alignments finally I want to move all of my alignments that are currently within site 1 and I’d like to move them into my top level alignments along with the red alignment that I just created now I can do this in two different ways I can go up into my modify tab select alignment select the modify drop down then select move to site now our command line is asking us to select objects and we can go in and start selecting our alignments and it looks like my alignments aren’t being highlighted but that’s okay they’re still being selected I’ve selected four I’m going to press enter to accept and now I have all of these alignments that are currently within site one I want to place them within the destination site of none then click ok and now you can see that all of my alignments have disappeared within site one and they’re now within my top level alignments I’m going to go ahead and undo what I just did

now we have all of our alignments within site one once again now let’s do it a different way we can select alignment one right click select move to site and then we can select none this way click ok and that goes into our top level alignment we can do that again with two


and four

and now all of our alignments are out of site one and they are now top level alignments which won’t affect any Parcels that are in site one and we’ll check and see if these alignments affect our Parcels in any way we’ll select this alignment move this over and you can see that our alignment is not affecting our Parcels in any way because it is no longer in site one