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In this exercise we’re going to be getting into editing the grading criteria currently I’m in the 09 grading Dash 3A drawing which is located in your tutorials folder which you can find in a link in the description down below now one of the great ways for using grading criteria is the fact that you can edit gradings individually and you can edit gradings globally meaning that you can change grading criteria to affect your gradings all at once so let’s just say for example you have multiple ditches designed you have multiple detention ponds multiple berms and they all share more or less the same grading criteria well all that you would have to do is change certain aspects of grading criteria to affect all of your gradings as opposed to going in individually within a gigantic site and making these changes manually now you can still make these grading changes manually for a grading which is what we’re going to be getting into shortly but I just want to distinguish that there are two ways of being able to edit your grading criteria individually and globally we’ll start off by editing our grading criteria individually if I zoom in to the grading for a and b and I click on this little green strip within properties I can see that it’s related to a b and the grading criteria is currently set for distance at negative six percent if I zoom out and pan over to BC and I look at this little strip for BC I can see it belongs to grading group BC and it also has the grading criteria of distance at negative six percent so if I zoom out and I press escape and go into my modify tab then select grading then select grading editor and now our command line is asking us to select a point in the grading I’m going to select or highlight more or less that green strip for a b then we get our grading editor dialog box here again it’s currently set to distance at negative six percent but I want to change the distance for the a b grading to 5 feet and you’ll notice that that change takes effect however the design criteria is not affecting BC so that’s how you can change the grading criteria individually for grading now let’s get into changing our grading criteria globally we’ll go ahead and close out this grading editor and then we’ll go into our settings within our tool space and then under grading we’ll expand this and expand grading criteria sets we have our ditch criteria set we’ll expand that as well then we have our distance at negative six percent criteria if I right click on that and select edit we get a dialog box here that shows us our criteria if I want to I can change the distance to 20 feet globally and I can do that by clicking this lock button and then selecting apply and you can see how our grading is affected globally now if you’d like to give yourself the option to be able to change that distance value on future gradings I would recommend that you keep this unlocked so these are just some of the ways of being able to edit grading criteria within civil 3D