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In this exercise we’re going to be subdividing our parcel using a swing line currently I’m in the o5 parcel Dash 1D drawing which is located in your tutorials folder which you can find in the link down in the description below we’ll Begin by going up to our home tab and then over to our create design panel select parcel from the drop down and select parcel creation tools we get our parcel lab tools dialog box what we’ll do is we’ll leave all of these parameters at their defaults if you don’t see these parameters you can get them by selecting this drop down I’m going to go ahead and leave that open and then I’m going to move off to the side here and select this drop down then select Swingline create now I want you to take note as we subdivide our parcels that this minimum area of 8 000 square feet gets held with one of our Parcels we get our create parcel layout dialog box we’ll leave everything here at its defaults click ok and now our command line is asking us to select a parcel to be subdivided we’ll select this big old parcel right here 102. now our command line is asking us to select a start point for our Frontage we’ll select roughly around here all the way down to roughly about here next it’s asking us to specify a swing point I’m going to select roughly oh right about here we’ll see what we get when we do this I’m not so sure about this result it’s even asking us do we want to accept the result I’m going to select no I’m going to come in a little bit further roughly about here I kind of like that result I’m going to select yes

then press enter and select exit to exit the command and you can see that now we have that 8 000 square foot lot and the remainder is placed within this 102 lot so that’s how you go about subdividing a parcel using a swing line in civil 3D