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In this exercise we’re going to be creating Parcels using the slide line command within the parcel layout tools toolbar currently I’m in the o4 parcel-1c drawing which is located in your tutorials folder or you can find a link to the exercise files Down Below in the description now what we’ll do is we’ll start out by taking a look at our property and we can see that we have essentially four different Parcels we have three single family parcels and we have a road parcel which is essentially our road right-of-way now they’re all contained under sites and under subdivision a which you can see if we expand the parcels and you can see that we have our road and our three single family Parcels now what we’re going to do first is we’re going to subdivide three Parcels Within this 101 single family lot using the slide line command we get to that command by going up into the create design panel then to the parcel drop down then we get our parcel layout tools toolbar with a bunch of criteria here down at the bottom if this criteria isn’t showing up for you click these arrows and it’ll drop down for you but we’re going to change the parcel sizing the minimum area that we’re going to keep is about 7 000 square feet now for the minimum Frontage we’re going to specify 40 feet and you can see what’s happening within this little graphic down below what each of these criteria are actually specifying we’ll use the minimum Frontage at offset and then for the frontage offset we’re going to specify 20 feet for the minimum width that’s going to be 40 feet and then for the minimum depth we’re going to keep that at 50. and then we’ll change the maximum depth to 200 feet for this preference for multiple Solutions we’re going to change this

to smallest area for automatic layout mode we’re going to keep this on off and we’re going to place the remainder distribution in the last parcel so now we’re going to go ahead and create our Parcels I’m going to move the parcel layout tools toolbar off to the side so I can see the rest of my site I’m going to zoom out just a bit and then I’m going to go up and select this drop down and select Slide line create when I select this I get the create Parcels layout dialog box I’m going to leave everything at its defaults and click ok now my command line is asking me to select the parcel to be subdivided I’m going to go ahead and select single family 101 and then I need to select the start point for my Frontage I’m going to select this right over here just click and drag along this Frontage and then I’m going to specify an angle at that Frontage in other words I want the lot line to meet that Frontage lot line at about a 90 degree angle so I’m going to specify 90 degrees and then I get a little graphic that shows up my command line asks me do I want to accept the results I’ll go ahead and select yes press enter and as you can see we have a 7 000 square foot lot however what if I want to change the next lot to be 8 000 square feet I can go into my parcel sizing and specify 8 000 square feet then press enter and you can see how the graphic has shifted just slightly next I’m going to accept the result and now you see that we have a remainder parcel of a little over 7 000 square feet I’m going to press X to exit and then press enter one more time and press X to exit out of the command in the next video we’re going to be getting into creating Parcels simultaneously using the slide line command