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In this exercise we’re going to be subdividing a parcel using a free form segment currently I’m in the O3 parcel-1b drawing which is located in your tutorials folder or you can find the exercise files Down Below in the link in the description we’ll Begin by looking at some of our line work if I select one of these lot lines it’s currently a parcel segment if I select some of this text this is currently a parcel if you want to look up these Parcels they’re encompassed within your tool space under sites and then expand one of the sites which is subdivision a and then expand parcels and these are the two Parcels that are within our site we’ll begin creating a free form lot line by first going to our home tab then to our create design panel go up into parcel click that drop down then go into parcel creation tools we get our partial layout tools toolbar then I want you to click on this drop down and I want you to select freeform create

we get our create Parcels dialog box we’ll go ahead and accept all of the defaults then click ok then we get some tools here that show up and you can kind of mess around with this line this is more or less the line that we’re going to use as a reference in order to strike our freeform lot line I’m going to go ahead and move this reference line around and you can see that there’s a circle at the end of this white line if I switch to the other side you can see how that Circle changes what this is is the attachment point if I move

this line say to about right here and I use that rear lot line as my attachment point I’m going to go ahead and click and I’m going to press enter within my command line to accept the line to be perpendicular

and so now if I escape out of the command and I select that line you can see that I have a grip right at the end of this line that’s attached to that rear property line I can scoot this over scoot this in the other direction and it stays perpendicular to that rear lot line or that attachment point if I decide to move this entire property for whatever reason it stays perpendicular to that rear lot line I’m going to undo all of this type in regen all and what I would like to do is I’d like to select this and move this over so it attaches to the end point of this little arc on my cul-de-sac and notice how the attachment point stays perpendicular to that rear lot line or that attachment point so that’s how you go about subdividing a parcel with a freeform segment in civil 3D