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In this exercise we’re going to be reviewing grading settings currently I’m in the 01 grading-1 drawing which is located in your tutorials folder or you can find a link to the exercise files Down Below in the description now we have currently a tin surface as you can see within the properties tint surface and what I’d like to do is kind of take a look at what my grading settings are if I go into my tool space then click on my settings tab I can click on grading expand this I have a lot of different subfolders here I can right click on grading and select edit feature settings because I’m going to be taking a look at the settings for a grading object now currently if I expand the general category I have this little Command right here that says save command changes to settings make sure that that value is set to yes because say for example if we’re changing different slope percentages like say for example I want to change something to a five percent slope well that five percent will be carried over into the command if I use it at a later time or if I use three percent I type in three percent of my command line and later on whenever I use that feature again then three percent will pop up as the default or perhaps you want to set some default styles for your grading objects maybe if we go into default Styles and expand this this is where we can set our grading style or in other words the way that our grading looks maybe I don’t want standard maybe I want to change this to residential grading then click OK when you’re changing these settings you’re setting the defaults within civil 3D for certain aspects of grading so you don’t have to change things over and over again maybe I want to change my default name format maybe I’d like to label my feature lines in a particular way to where maybe I’m dealing with a parking lot and I’m solely dealing with parking lots maybe I’d type in parking


feature and then the next counter will name the feature line according to the number style and I can go ahead and click OK for that what if for area if I expand this what if I don’t want square foot to be my unit maybe I want square yards or even with volume I can select the unit rather than cubic yard I can go with cubic foot now these are all the default settings that I’m setting within my grading next I’d like to scroll down and take a look at my grade category slope category and my grade slope category now within these three categories you can set the Precision to maybe two decimal places as opposed to three

or perhaps you’d like the format to be in percent or decimal or per mile so there’s a lot of different options here within the grade slope and grade slope settings now once you finish changing these settings go ahead and click ok now these are just some of the basic options for when you’re reviewing some of your grading settings in civil 3D