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In this exercise we’re going to be getting into actually importing field coded data currently I’m in the 06 survey-2a drawing which is located in your tutorials folder what we’ll look to do first is go into your home Tab and then over to your create ground data panel we’ll click this button and we’re going to import survey data we get our import survey data Wizard and we have a list of databases here we’ve got our survey 1 database which we created in a previous exercise we’ll go ahead and select that then click next now for the data source type we’re going to leave it on the field book file then we’ll select our field book file by clicking this button to go ahead and browse for it go ahead and navigate to your tutorials folder and then select the survey-1 field book file click open and then next we’ll create a survey Network by clicking this button and then giving it a name survey Network one then click ok then click next and then we get our import options and a lot of these options just for Simplicity I’m going to go ahead and select yes for all of these options just to kind of see what everything does

and then for a point identifier offset I’m going to put in instead of zero I’m going to put in an offset of a thousand so this will add a thousand to each and every Point number that we import so I’m going to leave everything as is and then select finish now you can see some animations that are taking place it’s kind of cool you can see the process of everything and then we get this notification that the survey network has been updated one or more networks have been updated use the process Line work command to update figures created by line work code sets let’s go ahead and close this out and now you can see that we have some stuff going on within our tool space under our survey tab we have our imported event where we imported our field book file we have our survey Network one let’s go ahead and expand this and you can see all of the the information that’s contained within this all of our control points and setups and then we can go into figures and we can see the different figures

that have been processed within this import as you can see whenever I click on something it gets highlighted in my drawing window lastly we’ll scroll down until we get into our survey points and you can see all of our points Within this imported field book file so this has just been a simple exercise just to show you how to import ground data by using the import survey data option within civil 3D