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Hi, I’m Charles Ellison. Civil 3D designer and trainer at Today we’ll be looking at how to use the Panorama Palette in Civil 3D 2020. This palette is useful for working with tabular data for storm and sanitary sewer profiles. It’s really a catch all for working with different types of data.

We spent some time looking at the tool space palette that’s specific to Civil 3D. Civil 3D has two other palettes, one of the palettes that we use often is called the Panorama Palette. Now the Panorama Palette is really kind of a catch all palette for many different tabs that provide a visual or tabular means to view or edit data. You probably will see this pop up at first as the event viewer tab, but really that’s just one tab that the Panorama Palette can display. For example, when we’re working with certain items, such as a profile which we’ll look at in detail later, you’ll notice that the Panorama Palette opens up to provide us a tabular view to edit and work with profile entities. So this is just one of the tabs that the Panoramic Palette can show. Again, it’s a catch all for different types of tabs giving us the ability to view and edit data that we’re working with.