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Whenever you’re laying out objects within civil 3D that are layout related there’s always the opportunity of violating certain design standards currently I’m in the 10 profile Dash 4A drawing which is located in your tutorials folder or you can find a link to the exercise files Down Below in the description within YouTube now if we were to zoom in to our profile view you’ll see these design violations that are currently within the profile and it looks like we’re also in violation within our alignment now if these violations aren’t showing up for you you can go into your options by typing in op

and then click on the aec editor tab and under solution tips make sure that the drafting check box is checked if you don’t want to see these violations go ahead and click off this drafting box click ok then those violation notifications will go away however if you would like to keep these notifications on go ahead and go back into your options

under aec editor once again and then click drafting click apply then ok