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In this exercise we’re going to be getting into grip editing our alignment currently I’m in the o5 align-4 drawing which is located in your tutorials folder now the first curve that we’re going to edit is a free curve entity and that’s located within our Circle B if we zoom in to Circle B we have our first curve and if we select our alignment we have our grips that show up in kind of like a cyan color our first grip that we’re going to take a look at is this circle grip which is our curve pass-through point if we select this grip it turns red if you drag this point you’ll see that our pass-through Point stays consistent it also stays attached to our tangent points go ahead and Escape out of this command if you click and drag this triangular grip and drag this down you’ll see that our radius changes however our two tangents on this line and on this line they still stay connected I’m going to go ahead and type in just a random radius so I’m just going to type in 50 feet and you’ll see how that changes the curve within our alignment I’m going to go ahead and undo this to get back to where we were previously I’m going to go ahead and click my curve once again and then click one of my tangent points and if I drag this all the way out to here you’ll see that it still stays connected to my main alignment line I’m going to go ahead and click right here I’m going to click the other tangent point and drag it way over here well let’s try way over here there we go you’ll see how that changes so these are the steps involved with editing a free curve entity in the next video we’re going to be getting involved with editing a floating curve entity