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In this exercise, you will generate and display the watershed analysis.

This exercise continues from Exercise 1: Configuring a Style for Watershed Display.

Generate a watershed analysis

This exercise uses Surface-5A.dwg with the modifications you made in the previous exercise.

  • In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, expand the Surfaces collection. Right-click the XGND surface. Click Surface Properties.
  • In the Surface Properties dialog box, on the Information tab, for Surface Style, select Watersheds.
  • On the Analysis tab, for Analysis Type, select Watersheds.
  • Ensure that Standard is selected in the Legend list.
  • Click to generate the watershed analysis.
  • The details of the surface watersheds are displayed in the Details table.
  • Click .
  • On the Watershed Display dialog box, click next to Boundary Point and Boundary Segment to turn off the display of these watershed types.
  • Click OK twice.
    The watersheds are displayed on the surface in the drawing.
  • In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, expand the Surfaces >> XGND collection. Click the Watersheds collection.
    The Prospector list view displays a tabular list of the surface watersheds with their IDs, description, type, and the ID of the watershed that they drain into.

Optionally, pan or zoom to an individual watershed. Right-click the watershed item in the list view and click Pan To or Zoom To.

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