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In this exercise, you will use the Earthworks criteria to generate a quantity takeoff report.

This exercise continues from Exercise 2: Creating a Material List.

Generate a volume report

  1. Open Earthworks-2.dwg, which is located in the tutorials drawings folder.
    The drawing opens, displaying three viewports.
  2. Click Analyze tab >> Volumes And Materials panel >> Volume Report .
  3. In the Report Quantities dialog box, specify the following parameters:
    • Select Alignment: Centerline (1)
    • Select Sample Line Group: SLG-1
    • Select A Material List: Material List – (1)
      This is the material list you created in Exercise 2: Creating a Material List by calculating volume quantities for the sample line group using the Earthworks criteria.
    • Select A Style Sheet: Earthwork.xsl
    • Display XML Report: Selected
  4. Click OK.
  5. The report is displayed.The Cut Volume is the area of material in cut, multiplied by the Cut Factor defined in the quantity takeoff criteria. The Fill Volume is the area of fill material multiplied by the Fill Factor.The areas for each material are averaged between stations and multiplied by the station difference to produce the incremental volumes. These volumes are added from station to station to produce the cumulative volumes. Finally, the Cum. Net Volume value at each station is calculated as the cumulative Reusable volume minus the cumulative Fill volume.

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