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In this exercise, you will use the watershed data to create non-destructive AutoCAD objects from the surface.

This exercise continues from Exercise 3: Creating a Watershed Legend.

Extract objects from a surface

This exercise uses Surface-5B.dwg with the modifications you made in the previous exercise.

  • In the drawing, select the surface.
  • Click TIN Surface tab >> Surface Tools panel >> Extract from Surface drop-down >> Extract Objects >> Find.
  • The Extract Objects From Surface dialog box lists all of the surface properties that are visible in the currently selected surface style. Clear all boxes in the Properties column except for Watersheds.
  • Click OK.
    AutoCAD objects are created from each of the watersheds in the drawing.
  • In the drawing, click inside a watershed area.
  • On the command line, enter List.
    The AutoCAD text window displays parameters for the object you selected.
    You can use any of the standard AutoCAD commands to modify or query the new object.

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