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All right so in this exercise we’re going to be editing parcel lot line geometry currently I’m in the 09 parcel-2c drawing which is located in your tutorials folder or you can find a link to it down in the description below so we have our site that we’ve been working with we’ve been creating and editing slide lines and swing lines and doing all these different manipulations however how do you actually edit some of these parcel lines well in this exercise we’re going to be diving into that first off I’m going to select one of my parcel lot lines and I get some grips that show up and if I move this out like so then it essentially breaks up my parcel site I’m going to undo this I’m going to do a regen all just to make everything look the way that it was what if I select this parcelot line and I go up into the modify panel then select edit geometry and then insert pi I’m going to select this intersection I’m going to zoom in a little bit more this intersection between Parcels 105 and 106. I want to choose the endpoint of that line for the elevation I’m going to leave it at zero because again with parcel lines they’re a lot like feature lines in that you can actually specify certain elevations to them I want to type enter for zero and now our command line is asking us to specify another point I’m just going to go ahead and hit escape to exit out of the command and now we have an extra Pi or an extra point so if I zoom out a bit and let’s just say I chose these two parcel lot lines and I just click this grip and now

it’s editing my Parcels without even touching all of these others next we’re going to get into grip editing some of our Parcels if I zoom into the lot line between Parcels 104 and 105. I’ve got this lot line and I’ve got a little grip that I can use to edit this Slide line I can select this grip and I can move it over here like so and it automatically extends to my right-of-way or I can edit this and have it come up to I don’t know about right here or right here I can go ahead and continue to grip edit my parcel lot lines by selecting this rear lot line for Parcels 104 and 106 now I can grip edit this and move this all the way to this endpoint but now I get this weird cyan line that shows up and I’d like to trim that off if I go into edit geometry and select this to trim our command line is asking us to select cutting edges I’ll select this as my Cutting Edge press enter and then select that cyan lot line then Escape out of the command and that kind of cleans things up a little bit now what if I want to break a parcel lot line if I go in between

106 and 107 I want to break just a portion of my lot line in between here I’ll select my parcel lot line I’ll go up to edit geometry and then select this to break I’m going to break from here all the way to I don’t know about right here and then it basically it looks like it more or less kind of breaks my parcels I’ll Escape out of that and I’ll select one of my lines here and notice that it’s still a parcel segment and I’ll select the endpoint of that lot line it automatically becomes a closed parcel and then I’m going to select this lot line and I’ll move that grip over to this intersection and now we’ve got everything back as it should be if I select this lot line notice that it’s separate from this lot line what if I want to join these two lot lines again well I’ll go ahead and select one of them go into edit geometry then select join I’m going to join it to this lot line and I’ll press enter to accept then I’ll Escape out of that command and now we have a joined lot line well what if I want to delete this Pi that was generated when we broke our lot line well I can do that by going into my edit geometry panel select delete pi and then select that Pi press enter and then Escape out of the command and now that’s all gone so these are just some of the editing tools that you can use to manipulate your parcel lot lines they’re a lot like basic AutoCAD commands but a lot of them are contained within the edit geometry panel within this contextual menu for a parcel segment