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In this exercise we’re going to be editing our offset widening and we’re going to be doing a little bit of tweaks within our offset parameters dialog box as well as messing around with some of our grips in order to get our offset whitening the way that we want it to look now currently I’m in the 11 align-6d drawing which is located in your tutorials folder and if we zoom in we can see our offset widening from our previous exercise and if we go ahead and select our offset widening we can right click and select edit offset parameters and as you recall we have our widening groups we’ve got group one two and three we’re going to start off with one and I’m going to adjust this dialog box a bit I’m going to shorten this up and I’m going to bring this over to the side so you can see the actual offset alignment now if I select this area within the transition in grouping you can see how it highlights this area within my offset alignment then if I go into my widening region if I select this it turns blue so we know where we’re at when we’re editing our region next we’ll go into our transition out and you can see that we have our transition out area so it makes things a lot easier when you’re able to actually see which areas you’re dealing with we’ll zoom into this area in particular right around the 500 station marker and we’re going to change the transition type from linear

to curve line curve because we want a gradual transition into our alignments we’ll select this and you can see that there’s a little curve that develops on each side of this transition alignment and you can see we even have a transition length of 100 feet and we have two curve radii that we can adjust if need be I’m going to adjust this transition length I’m going to change this to 50 and you can see how the changes take effect you can see the curve radii just a little bit better it’s a little bit more pronounced and the curve radii parameters have been maintained since the start station is at 450 I’d like to adjust this transition currently we’re at an end station of 450 I’d like to make that 500. so I could actually select my grip and I can move it

to the 500 station right on the fly like so I’m going to zoom out a bit until I get to this triangular grip go ahead and select this grip and it turns red and right now we have a widening offset of 42 feet from the center line of our road I would like to make that 50 feet I could type in on the Fly 50 feet and you can see how that information is now reflected within my parameters dialog box and our curve radii you guessed it are still maintained lastly we’ll zoom into this area where we have this gray Circle if you click this gray Circle you get some more circles but they’re in more of a cyan color you can adjust the radii by clicking these circles click and drag

to a particular radii that you would like to design for your transition I kind of like to round things off a bit instead of 35.569 I’m going to make this 35 and for this radius I’m going to make this say 15. and there you have it so that’s how you can go about editing your offset widening alignments within civil 3D