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In this exercise we’re going to be editing a parcel swing line currently I’m in the 08 parcel Dash 2B drawing which is located in your tutorials folder or you can find a link to it in the description below so if we look at our site we’ve got this parcel lot line that goes at an angle and it ties into this property boundary but I’d like to edit this so that it’s more I don’t know I’d kind of like to swing this lot line so that it’s a little more in this area so the way that I go about doing that is go up to the Home tab then to the create design panel select parcel parcel creation tools and if you don’t have the parcel sizing showing up make sure that this box is checked and then go into

Swingline edit now you’ll also note that within the parcel sizing we’re currently at about 7 000 square feet so all of the other uh parameters that are listed here you can just leave that at its defaults just for simplicity’s sake within this exercise so right now we’re in the create Parcels dialog box the reason why this this dialog box is popping up for us is we want to make sure that we are in a site okay because when you have multiple sites then you can you have multiple choices for being able to choose well right now I’m in subdivision a but if I had a subdivision B I could make that this make that choice within this drop down so that’s why that’s located here in this dialog box everything else we’re going to leave at its defaults we’re going to click ok and now our command line is asking us to select attach lot line to adjust I want to adjust this slot line and then we can select a parcel to adjust we can go with this one or this one I’m going to choose this one I’m going to choose right out here and just so you’re aware in previous times where I’ve looked to edit my Parcels sometimes my command line wouldn’t accept this particular selection so if you do run into that just go ahead and restart civil 3D bring it back up and then try the command again and then it should work for you so in the command line it’s saying select start point on Frontage I’m going to select the endpoint of this lot line I’m going to come around and I’m going to choose the endpoint of this lot line now it’s asking us to specify a swing point you see this little cursor that pops it right right here this this red circle with an X of course we can’t choose this but what if we went to this rear lot line and it’s giving us a green circle so if I wanted to what if I chose this arbitrarily I’m not sure if I like the result I’m going to select no what about this that’s a little bit better I’m going to select no I want to come in a little bit closer how about this um not one of my favorites I’m going to select no how about somewhere in between right there it looks good to me I’m going to select yes and I’m going to escape out of the command and take a look we’re at seven thousand square feet which is what is showing up within our parcel sizing within this dialog box so that’s how you go about using the swing line edit command in civil 3D