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In this exercise we’re going to be editing or sliding a partial lot line that already exists right now I’m in the 07 parcel-2a drawing which is located in your tutorials folder or you can find a link to it down in the description below so right now if I zoom in I want to zoom into this area in this region and I want to edit this parcel line and I’d kind of like to make it so that it’s 90 degrees to my right-of-way line essentially this Frontage so the way that I go about doing that is go into my create design panel make sure you’re on the Home tab go on the create design panel select parcel then parcel creation tools then we get this dialog box if you don’t see a lot of this parcel sizing information you can click this button or click it again and right now everything is set to the way that it needs to be for this exercise so what we’ll do is we’ll click this drop down and we’ll select Slide line edit we’ll click on that and we get our create Parcels layout dialog box we’ll click ok to accept all the default information for that now you can see that with our parcel sizing the minimum area is set to about 8 000 square feet and once we do this Slide line edit then you’ll see that our parcel will be set to 8 000 square feet so the way that we go about doing this is right now our command line is asking us to select an attach lot line to adjust I don’t like this angular lot line I’m going to change that by selecting it and if I hover my cursor over these two Parcels you can see that we can choose which parcel we’d like to affect I’d like to adjust this parcel parcel 109 select this and then our command line is asking us to select a start point for our Frontage I’m just going to randomly click this front right-of-way line I’m going to come to about right about here just arbitrarily and now our command line is asking us to specify an angle well I want this parcel lot line to be 90 degrees to this right-of-way line so I’ll type in 90. and you can see that we have a little preview going on right here do we want to accept the result yes I do I’ll Escape out of the command and there you go and we’re also set to about 8 000 square feet so that’s how you go about editing a slide line to make it so that it’s at any angle that you choose