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In this exercise we’re going to be drawing our row profile that refers to design criteria specified in the previous exercise right now I’m in the 09 profile Dash 4A drawing which is located in your tutorials folder or you can find a link within the description Down Below on YouTube now we’ll look to accomplish three different things within this exercise the first thing that we’ll look to accomplish is actually drawing the road profile using the tangents feature found within the layout tools toolbar the second thing that we’ll look to accomplish is actually drawing kind of like a freeform curve within our profile that violates our design criteria then the third thing is we’ll look to actually create a freeform curve that does meet the design criteria we’ll start by editing our profile geometry if I zoom into my profile view typically whenever you select a profile right click you can edit profile geometry and that takes you into the profile layout tools toolbar however since I never drew any geometry for my layout profile it puts me in a difficult position so I need to go into my alignments within my prospector expand my alignment in my profiles select my main road right click and we’re going to delete this and start over again we’ll select yes to delete the main road then we’ll go through the process again that we went through in the previous exercise but we’ll do it very rapidly we’ll go into the profile profile creation tools select a profile view type in Main Road

specified none for the label set design criteria use criteria based design we’ll select our Imperial 2018 open we’ll use the design check set that’s our new check set let’s make sure that everything is looking right with that ah yes we have our design check 30 and 60 for Crest and sag then ok then OK once again then we get our profile layout tools toolbar and then we’ll start creating our profile by clicking on this drop down and then select draw tangents with curves now make sure that your o snap is on I’m going to make sure that Center is checked and I’m going to select the center

of these circles we’re going to C then to D then to E I’ll press enter to accept and there you have it