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In the upcoming exercises we’re going to be diving into the world of parcels now Parcels can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming for some folks when they get into civil 3D however in this exercise we’re going to be dealing with just the basics of creating Parcels right now I’m in the parcel-1a drawing which is located in your tutorials folder or you can find a link to the exercise files Down Below in the description on YouTube now if I look at my drawing I’ve got my property and then I’ve got a few surface profiles if I zoom in I want to zoom into this area right here if I go into my create design panel then click the parcel drop down I have some selections I’ve got parcel creation tools create parcel from objects and create right-of-way I’m going to focus in on create parcel from objects which is very very helpful if you’ve already laid out your Lots with polylines or lines and you’re just looking to create Parcels from that line work I’m going to go up to my create design panel click on parcel create parcel from objects then I’m going to select my parcel information that looks good press enter to accept then we get our create Parcels dialog box I’m going to switch my parcel Style to single family then for label Styles I’m going to switch this to parcel number and area I’m going to click this option to automatically add segment labels which will automatically add the bearings and distance labels to my lot lines and I’m going to make sure that this is checked to erase the existing polylines that I’m using to create these parcels click ok and there you have it I know that the blue might be a little bit difficult to see but we do have all of our bearings and distances we can click and drag make this look nice

and we essentially have our parcels next what we’re going to do is I’m going to just for visibility’s sake I’m going to select one of these labels right click

and select edit area selection label Style then I get my parcel area label style I’m going to click edit

then go into my layer and I can see that it’s on a particular layer right now it’s on a blue layer this C Dash prop Dash text area it’s on Blue I want to change that color I want to cancel out of this I got to remember C prop text area

if I go into my layer control I can see the C prop text area I’m going to change that I’m going to change that to like a a white so I can see things a little bit better there we go

now we can see what’s going on here