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In this exercise we’re going to be creating grading styles now grading styles give you the ability to change the look of your particular grading so for example since we’re going to be doing a ditch grading style we’re going to be able to edit certain parts of the ditch in order to make it look the way that we would like to have it presented within our drawing currently I’m in the O3 grading-1 drawing which is located in your tutorials folder which you can find a link to the exercise files Down Below in the description now as we go through this drawing we’re going to be going to our settings tab within our tool space and we’ll get to a familiar area within grading we’ve already been dealing with grading criteria sets but now expand the grading styles and you can see that there’s already a few different grading styles already in there by default but we’re going to create a brand new one for a ditch if I click on grading styles we’re going to select new then we get our grading style dialog box

then select the information Tab and we’re going to name this we’re going to call this ditch we’re going to go into our display and we’re going to change the color of our daylight line from bilayer to red then click OK next go into your slope patterns tab then under options we’ll select this check box and we’re going to create a copy of our current selection which is currently basic go to your information Tab and we’re going to rename this we’re going to call this ditch slope

and we’ll go back into our layout tab and this is where you can kind of manipulate the look of your grading style currently we have a couple different components here I want to draw your attention to component number two if we click on that and then we come down

we have a symbol type that says tapered lines if you watch this preview you can see how this is going to change if I select this area select the drop down I’m going to select none and you can see how those little tick marks go away next we’re going to hit apply then click ok then apply then OK once more and now you can see that our ditch grading style now shows up within our grading styles and if we expand General and multi-purpose Styles and take a look at our slope pattern Styles then you can see that ditch slope which is what we just created now shows up within the slope pattern Styles as well so these are just some of the basic ways of being able to create a grading style within civil 3D