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In this exercise we’re going to be discussing creating grading criteria currently I’m in the O2 grading-1 drawing which is located in your tutorials folder which you can find a link to the exercise files down in the description below now what exactly is grading criteria when it comes to civil 3D grading objects well let’s use grading a ditch as an example for utilizing grading criteria for example you have an existing grade surface and then maybe you want to grade down at one percent to establish one side of your ditch well that one percent that you’re coming down is a grading criteria or what if you want to continue grading out the bottom of your ditch but you you kind of want to tilt the bottom of your ditch maybe a half a percent well you would create a grading criteria at a half percent or if you’re coming back up to a proposed surface let’s just say at one percent once again then you can establish a grading criteria coming up to a proposed surface at one percent so what I just specified is about three different grading criterias that you can establish within your grading object in this exercise we’re actually going to be creating a brand new criteria set for a ditch and this is going to be a brand new grading criteria set the way that we do that is we go into our settings tab within our tool space go into grading expand grading then we have this grading criteria sets we’ll expand this and we have a few generic sets click on grading criteria sets and right click select new and we’ll call this ditch criteria set

we’ll click ok

and now you can see that the ditch criteria set is now within our grading criteria set folder let’s go ahead and create a brand new grading criteria within ditch criteria set right click select new then we get our grading criteria dialog box within information I’m going to type in

distance at negative six percent so this grading criteria is going to grade something out at a distance at negative six percent if I go into my criteria tab go into Target make sure it’s set to distance because we want to be able to specify a distance that distance let’s make it 10 feet for projection go ahead and leave it on slope for format we’ll set this to grade and we’ll change this grade to you got it negative six percent and just to make this negative six percent the default so it doesn’t pop up in my command line every time I’m going to go ahead and lock this down then click ok

and now if I expand my ditch criteria set we have our brand new criteria for a distance at negative six percent let’s create a second criteria right click again select new for information I’m going to type in surface

at four to one slope

in other words I’m going to be grading to a surface at a four to one slope if I go to criteria for Target we’ll change this to surface for projection we’ll leave this on Cut fill slope for search order we’ll leave this on Cut first and for both the cut and fill slope we’ll leave it on slope but we’ll change this to 4 to 1.

4 to 1. I’m going to lock these down as well then click ok lastly let’s create a third criteria right click once again select new go to information and this criteria will be a relative elevation

at a three to one slope we’ll go back into our criteria the target will be a relative elevation that relative elevation will be a negative three feet the projection will be slope the format will be slope and we’ll change this slope to three to one we’ll go ahead and lock this down again then click ok so now we just created three different grading criterias within a grading criteria set for our ditch so in the upcoming videos we’re actually going to be using these grading criteria sets so that we can grade out a proposed ditch