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In this exercise, you will add a watershed legend table to the drawing.

This exercise continues from Exercise 2: Generating a Watershed Analysis.

Create a watershed legend table

This exercise uses Surface-5A.dwg with the modifications you made in the previous exercise, or you can open Surface-5B.dwg from the tutorials drawings folder.

  • In Toolspace, on the Settings tab, expand the Surface >> Table Styles >> Watershed collection.
  • Right-click the Standard style. Click Edit.
  • In the Table Style dialog box, on the Data Properties tab, clear the Sort Data check box.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Annotate tab >> Labels & Tables panel >> Add Tables menu >> Add Surface Legend Table.
  • At the prompt to specify the table type, enter Watersheds.
  • You are prompted to specify whether you want the table to automatically update if the analysis information changes. Enter Dynamic to enable automatic updating.
  • If a change is made to the surface and the watershed analysis is regenerated, the legend is automatically updated.
  • Click a location in the drawing where you want to place the upper-left corner of the table.

The legend table is displayed in the drawing at the selected location.

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