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In this exercise we’re going to be copying a profile and then we’re going to be offsetting that profile vertically currently I’m in the 07 profile Dash 3B drawing which is located in your tutorials folder or if you’re on YouTube you can find the link to the exercise files within the description Down Below in the previous exercises we’ve been laying out a layout profile which is shown here in red in both of our profiles however there might be times where we might need to offset that profile for different uses such as maybe establishing kind of like a reference line for a depth of cover for a pipe or what if we just wanted to show a portion of that offseted profile for whatever reason in one particular profile view we’re going to start this by copying our layout profile I’m going to go down to profile view number one which is right here down at the bottom I’m going to select my profile and then I’m going to right click and select edit profile geometry we get our profile layout tools toolbar what I want to draw your attention to is this button right here and this allows us to copy our profile go ahead and select this then we get our copy profile data dialog box rather than going for the entire range of our profile I’m going to specify a station range for the start I’m going to type in 300 and then for the end I’m going to type in 1700.

and for the destination profile options I do want to create a brand new profile then go ahead and click ok

and if we look we can’t really see anything that’s going on at this point but if I go into my prospector and then I go and expand alignments then expand Centerline alignments then expand Ridge Road

then under profiles we do have a layout one copy I’m going to press Escape then I’m going to select my profile view right click and select profile view properties

click on the profiles Tab and then we have the option to be able to click off our original layout we don’t want to draw this so I’m going to clear that check box then I’m going to click apply then okay and as you can see we have our copy of our profile and it’s just between those station ranges of 300 and 1700 and if we pan over to the top you can even see that this copy is also shown within this profile view next what I’ll do is I’m going to pan all the way down to the bottom once again then I’m going to select this button from my toolbar to raise and lower pvis what we’re essentially doing is we’re going to lower our profile we’re going to select this button for the elevation change we’re going to type in minus 5 feet and for the pvi range we’re going to specify all of that profile go ahead and select ok and you can see the change take effect in both of our profile views in fact I’m gonna pan over a little bit further and you can see the difference between our profiles lastly I only want to show the copy of that profile within this top view I’m going to go ahead and close out of my profile layout tools toolbar so I can see what I’m doing and I’d like to select some draw settings on profile one I’m going to select my profile right click go into profile view properties once again and I’m going to clear the draw checkbox for my layout copy I’m going to turn my original layout back on to my profile click apply then OK and as you can see we have a difference in how our profiles show that offset profile so that’s how you can go about copying and adding a vertical offset to a profile within civil 3D