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In this exercise we’re going to be diving into changing the parcel numbering or renumbering the parcels right now I’m in the O2 parcel-1a drawing which is located in the exercise files which you can find a link down below within the description on YouTube now as I peruse this drawing we recently added these lot numbers to our parcels and as you can see it looks like if we select one of these labels our personal area labels says that it’s a partial number and area however it doesn’t show an area what’s up with that if I right click with that selected and select edit area selection label Style I can go ahead and edit this label style and see what’s going on here okay I’ve got my parcel number the contents

show parcel number and that’s it for this particular component but there’s also another component such as area that I’d like to show however with this for whatever reason civil 3D is giving me an error message on this anchor component and that could be the thing that’s giving me the problem if I click this

click parcel number and then it brings up everything within the preview so sometimes civil 3D might have some errors that you might be dealing with from time to time and you might have to diagnose those errors okay uh we’ll click apply then click ok then okay once again and there we go we have our areas shown as well as our parcel numbers so let’s get to parcel renumbering if I select one of my parcels then I get my contextual menu up top select renumber and rename it’s in the modify panel the site we’re good with that we’re going to renumber starting with number 101.

and then we’re going to move at an increment of one and then we’re going to go ahead and click Ok We’re going to leave the uh the we’re not going to rename this we’re just going to click ok and then we’re going to select this first parcel

the next and then I’m going to stretch across all these Parcels until I reach the final one once I get to the end I’m going to press enter

and then press enter one more time and there you have it 101 102 103 104 and 105. so that’s how you go about doing a little bit of parcel renumbering within civil 3D and if you peruse around you can also move some of these labels around as you see fit

but a lot of what you’re going to be dealing with when it comes to renumbering is

the reason why we’re using the three digit method such as this 101 all the way through 105 is because sometimes when you’re doing your renumbering sometimes when you’re starting from one you’re having to make changes to the layout then you’re having to renumber one throughout the the whole series of of numbers which can be kind of cumbersome and a little bit irritating for for some folks like me but uh but that’s why I use the uh the three digit method just because if there’s more Parcels that are going to be added at some point then you can just continue with the three number the three digit method so that later on when the layout does get finalized then you can go through and label it one two three four five but a lot of times whenever you’re dealing with layouts there’s going to be a lot of changes to lot lines and and things of that nature that could come up throughout the design process