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In this exercise we’re going to lay out some curves within our layout profile that blatantly exceed our design standards currently I’m in the 11 profile Dash 4A drawing which is located in your tutorials folder or you can find a link down below to the exercise files within the description on YouTube now if we zoom in you’ll see that we obviously have some design standards that are being exceeded however if I click my layout profile I right click and I select edit profile geometry we get our profile layout tools toolbar I want to select this button that allows us to select a pvi select this button and we’ll click on this little circle you’ll see that it actually snaps within Circle B we’ll click that then we get our profile layout parameters dialog box here if I look around I see all sorts of violations here particularly with the K value but I want to draw your attention to the profile curve length which is currently roughly about 18 meters however we have set a design check length for that to be greater than or equal to 30 meters if I go down the line and I select this button once again select the pvi and I’m going to select within Circle C

we can see these violations specifically for the K value if I scroll down a little bit here we have our K value violation and again if I look at the profile curve length it’s currently set at a little over 8 meters however we’ve set a check value to be greater than or equal to 60. so what I’m going to do is I’m going to zoom out and I’m actually going to select this button which is to delete the entity I’m going to delete my curve entity by clicking on this button then within Circle B I’m going to select the Curve

I’m going to do that once again within Circle C I’m going to delete this curve and you can see that my proposed layout profile has gone back to the PBIS let’s go ahead and add in our freeform curves go within your profile layout tools toolbar and select this drop down then select free vertical curve parabola we’ll select this then our command line is asking us to select the first entity we’ll select the first tangent that goes into our pvi then it’s asking for the next entity we’ll select the exiting tangent now it’s asking us to specify a radius we’ll type in 500.

then you’ll notice that we have a design violation we’ll move on to Circle C select the first tangent and then it’s asking us for the next entity we’ll select the exiting tangent and then again we’ll type in R for radius then type in 500. and then we also have a design violation here as well press enter to accept the command now we’re going to take a look and see why we’re exceeding the design standards go within the profile out tools toolbar then select pvi and we’ll go up to B first select B

then if we look our K values are being exceeded and again if we look within our profile curve length we’re at a little over 18 when we need to be a little over 30. let’s go ahead and take a look at C

we’ll select this our K value there’s something going on with that if I look at my profile curve length again we’re at 8.322 when it needs to be at or equal to 60. so these are some of the ways that you can go about checking your design to see if it meets the design standards in the upcoming video we’re going to actually create a curve that actually meets the design standards