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Errors: Structure Station Label Showing “???” in Civil 3D

By March 12, 2019No Comments


The station part of the structure label displays question marks “???” instead of values.


Pipe network was not referencing any alignments and/or the alignment reference link is being broken.


  1. In the Civil 3D toolspace, click on the “Prospector” tab
  2. In Pipe Pipe Networks node expand “Networks”
  3. Expand the desired network with the objects that are showing the “???”.
  4. In Prospector tab highlight the “Structures” feature and select all of them (CTRL+A)
  5. Use the scroll bar to pan over and find the “Reference Alignment” column

  6. Right mouse click on this column and select “Edit”
  7. Pick the desired Alignment and OK. This will update references and display values instead of ???