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Errors: One or more drawings have unsaved changes. Save the file so that a DSD file can be created

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When attempting to check in a feature layer that was edited in AutoCAD Map 3D, the following error is displayed:
Error: “Feature was not saved in the target feature source”


Geometry was edited, or removed, from the Model space however, the feature still exists in the spatial table.

  • Corrupt index on that table


Consider the following options:

  • Consult with a Database Administrator and from within SQL Server, or Oracle,┬árebuild the index of the spatial table that was causing the issue.
  • If working with either a SHP or SDF, create a new SDF from within AutoCAD Map 3D:
    1. Connect to the problematic SHP or SDF via Data Connect
    2. In the Display Manager right-click the layer and select “Export Layer Data to SDF”
  • Perform a Bulk Copy to a new SDF:
    1. Click on the Create tab
    2. Select SDF under Feature Data Store and leave the Schema as-is
    3. Follow the instructions in the article below to perform a Bulk Copy

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