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Course Length: 4 Days

Learn to use the right AutoCAD Civil 3D tools for site design projects such as grading and storm design. In this course, Charles Ellison takes you through techniques using surfaces, feature lines, and grading objects, so you can shape the ground to slope, drain, and perform properly. You’ll also learn how to leverage Civil 3D’s gravity pipe tools, giving you the skills you need to complete the storm-water management aspects of a site project. When you’ve completed the course, you’ll be equipped to tackle any site project using the powerful capabilities of AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Autocad Civil 3D Site Grading & Design Course Covers:

  • What is site design?
  • Creating feature lines
  • Breaking, joining, trimming, and extending feature lines
  • Adding and removing elevation points
  • Raising and lowering feature lines
  • Creating grading objects
  • Building a grading scheme
  • Creating curbs and parking lot surfaces
  • Labeling a grading design
  • Creating a storm design
  • Adding inlets and pipes to a storm design

Prerequisites for the Autocad Civil 3D Essentials Course:

  • Access to the 2018 version of the Civil 3D software for practice file compatibility.
  • Experience with AutoCAD or AutoCAD Land Desktop and an understanding civil engineering terminology.
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Learning Objectives

Chapter 1

Understanding Site Design

  • What is site design?
  • Understanding layout and grading
  • Understanding storm design
Chapter 2

Feature Lines

  • Understanding feature lines
  • Understanding feature lines and sites
  • Creating feature lines
  • Editing feature line PIs
  • Editing feature line curves
  • Breaking and joining feature lines
  • Trimming and extending feature lines
  • Using stepped offset
  • Adding and removing elevation points
  • Reasing and lowering feature lines
  • Editing individual feature line elevations
  • Setting a slope along a feature line
  • Working with Split Point Resolution
Chapter 3

Grading Objects

  • Understanding grading objects
  • Working with grading groups
  • Creating grading objects
  • Modifying grading objects
  • Working with infills
  • Working with volumes
Chapter 4

Practical Grading Example

  • Understanding phased grading
  • Building an overall grading scheme
  • Assigning grading scheme elevations
  • Tying the entrance drive to the road
  • Creating curbs
  • Daylighting
  • Creating a parking lot surface
  • Adding channels and berms
  • Editing the surface
  • Creating an FG surface
  • Labeling your grading design
Chapter 5

Storm Design for Sites

  • Understanding storm design for sites
  • Determining inlet locations
  • Creating inlets
  • Adding pipes
  • Adding more structures
  • Labeling the storm system
  • Adding a profile
  • Grading the pond: Part 1
  • Grading the pond: Part 2
  • Finalizing the storm design

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